Thomas Brandstetter

Thomas Brandstetter is CEO and Co-Founder of Limes Security, a company specializing in industrial cyber security and secure software development, based in Austria. Besides his work as a CEO, he is an Associate Professor at the University of Applied Sciences St. Poelten, Austria, where he loves to teach his students classes like industrial cyber security, incident response, botnets and honeypots, and penetration testing. He gathered a decade of experience in the industry when he joined Siemens in order to establish the topic of cyber security in industrial products, 10 years ago. After spending years in pen-testing products, he became Program Manager of the "Hack-Proof-Products Program" that he had co-founded. He held this position until in 2010 when the Stuxnet malware hit. He was assigned the official incident manager role for this unique threat and still loves to look back on what he learned back then both technically and about organizations. Out of the remnants of the Stuxnet-activities, Thomas founded the Siemens ProductCERT, which is still one of the most effective industrial incident and vulnerability response teams worldwide today. He led the Siemens ProductCERT for another two years before he left for Limes Security and UAS St. Poelten. He is a CISSP, GICSP and holds a degree in IT security from the University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg, Austria and a masters degree in Business Administration from the Universities of Augsburg and Pittsburgh.